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Friday, July 31, 2015

New Books on the Science of Energy Efficiency!

New book series from Schottenbauer Publishing allow students to learn about the science of energy efficiency through graphs. The Science of Energy Efficiency and Electricity & Magnetism from Schottenbauer Publishing contain graphs which can be integrated into classes for assessments, projects, and tests. Designed to supplement traditional curricula, these books can be used in elementary, middle, and high school, as well as college and university. The books are also well-suited for homeschool use. The book series are as follows:

The Science of Energy Efficiency
  • Volume 1: Light Bulbs & Electrical Appliances
    • Energy
    • Voltage
    • Current
  • Volume 2: Light Bulbs & Electrical Appliances
    • Light Intensity
    • Magnetic Fields
    • Heat
  • Volume 3: Alternative Energy 
    • Solar Power
    • Hydropower
    • Wind Turbines

Electricity & Magnetism
  • Volume 1: Electrical Circuits (DC)
  • Volume 2: Magnets & Electromagnets
  • Volume 3: Generators, Motors, & AC Electrical Circuits

This blog is devoted to sharing graphs from these book series, along with discussion questions and occasionally supplemented by videos.

Schottenbauer Publishing offers over 8,000 graphs on real-life topics for student learning, collected into topic areas including sports, transportation, construction, environment, music, entertainment/toys, and general physics. 

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